YouRun custom plush toys manufacturer provide one-stop solution service for all kinds of plush doll customized products.


What about the lead time of new baby stuffed animals from placing a order to delivery?
Dongguan Yourun Toys Co., Ltd. can provide an estimated time period for you. If you ask for a detailed exact waiting time, please contact us directly. In fact, there are many factors can significantly influence our lead time, such as the order processing period, time for raw material purchase, ending inventory, and scheduled order quantity. To shorten the lead time as much as possible, we ensure a smooth supply chain and trace the flows from us all the way to the freight companies. We will calculate the lead time and provide you with an exact time period before you place the order. Please rest assured that the products will be delivered to you within our appointed time.

YouRun, by virtue of its strong competence in R&D and manufacturing, is a successful and highly reputable mini plush animals manufacturer. YouRun is mainly engaged in the business of teddy bear stuffed animal and other product series. YouRun soft teddy bears for babies has gone through a series of assessment processes in terms of the construction structure which includes wind load test, snow load test, and pressure load test. The memory foam inside the product provides unparalleled cushioning, ensuring maximum comfort. Being frost resistant, the product can resist freezing or melting. When frozen, it does not lose its strength and become brittle. It is beautifully designed and features realistic characteristics with air-brushed color accents.

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