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Wash cleaner plush toys?

by:YouRun     2020-11-03

plush toys first impression is to rub on the face, fluffy, comfortable, whether children or friends like to play, especially children like holding the sleep, but plush toys only for mothers to have a headache how clean is the plush toys? Wash cleaner plush toys? How to wash not hurt toy electric plush toys? In this paper, plush toys manufacturers to introduce a few small coup, the hope can help you.

cleaning plush toys? Wash cleaner plush toys? To introduce the following three methods:

1, the dry cleaning

in the first place in that big star is coarse salt, salt put salt and dirty plush toys in a big plastic bag inside and then tried to shake it forcibly shake, must shake the plastic fasten again, doing so is to use salt and sodium chloride to the effect of adsorption of dirt, or use baking soda can, need not coarse salt, methods are the same, but this method is fit to the larger plush toys and sound cannot be washed plush toys.

2. Direct wash

select suitable for warm water ( 30 - 40 degrees) Cleaning, because of the warm water is not easy to damage plush toys maomao softness; Best of dark and light color plush toys separate cleaning, mix easily lead to mix color, and detergent had better choose neutral, use detergent to soak for a while first plush toys are easy to wash wash it will.

in the process of cleaning plush toys, attention should be paid to the appropriate dynamics, too hard you're just destroyed your toys, rather than in cleaning, washing tool is also choose soft cleaning tools.

plush toy is difficult to dry, then can be finished by dehydration and drying, use washing machine to dehydration, plush toys in a bath towel of the washing machine to choose soft dehydration, dry in ventilation places finally take good, had better not in the big sun exposure or you will change color, can have music like that or can send voice of plush toys put them in the electronic equipment of the electronic components are taken out, lest broke.

3, machine wash

with the washing machine will need to be careful not to damage the plush toys, with neutral detergent foam under the first to throw the washing machine, or directly add a mild detergent, to wash clothes mode to soft loop set cold water, the other small plush toys can use easy to wear and tear tape first section on first, then put the washing machine, such as cycle after washing mode, to see the washing machine discharge water is clean and clear water, means that the toy has been cleaned thoroughly, then dry, hung in a cool place to be dried, and intermittent plush toy gently.

cleaning plush toys? Wash cleaner plush toys? Small make up needing those who remind everybody is no hand washing machine wash way of good, machine wash easy to damage the plush toys, want plush toys to long life, suggest you choose washed by hand, if a plush toy is not dirty, just use the soft sponge or clean dry cloth, dab has diluted neutral detergent to wipe the surface. Other plush toys are usually made of synthetic fiber and chemicals, the purchase plush toy, the body will indicate the quotation of the cleaning method, if there is no can ask the clerk how to maintenance and cleaning, moreover, can be judged according to its material.

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