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Want to know how to choose high-quality plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-04-13

Want to choose high-quality plush toys? The editor first tells you the type of cotton. It is a synthetic chemical fiber made of polypropylene fiber. Cotton has good elasticity, strong bulk, beautiful appearance, not afraid of squeezing, easy to wash, and quick drying. Suitable for bedding factories, toy factories, spray cotton factories, non-woven fabrics and other manufacturers. Its advantage is that it is easy to clean. Commonly known as doll cotton, hollow cotton, also known as stuffed cotton, the material is polypropylene staple fiber! After talking about the fabric of plush toys, the editor will tell you in detail how to choose high-quality plush toys. Because the outer fabric of the plush toy is accessible to us, the general manufacturer will not choose to cut corners on the outer fabric, because it is easy to be found by consumers or inspectors, and the inner filling is sealed inside the plush toy. This gives bad businesses an opportunity to cut corners and cut corners. Therefore, when we get a plush toy, we can use the feeling of grasping, the resilience of the toy, the uniformity of the natural distribution of the internal filling, and the pollution degree of the filling to the plush toy itself after washing. To distinguish the quality of a plush toy. The mainstream high-quality stuffing for plush plush toys on the market is PP cotton, which has fast rebound properties and a soft feel, but its cost is also relatively expensive. Next, let's compare the different feel of PP cotton and several classic materials. Foam particles outsourcing sponge as a filler, compared with PP cotton, there is a clear layering feeling when gripping, and the filling is unevenly distributed; compared with PP cotton, the softness and hardness of the outer covering rubber cotton is uneven and the rebound speed is too fast. ; Compared with PP cotton, it has a harder hand feeling when grasped, and it is not easy to rebound. After grasping, it has obvious pitting feeling and uneven distribution of fillings. Some bad manufacturers use a lot of polluted and inferior materials that are harmful to the human body as fillers. The appearance of the plush toys made of this kind of material is not obvious, but when you grasp it, you feel that the plush toys made of PP cotton are not elastic, soft, and have poor rebound effect. Moreover, due to the poor quality of the inner filling, they will appear worse. The dirtier the washing. And this will never happen. Choosing us means choosing to go with quality. If everyone can distinguish between the pros and cons of the filler, it can be said that the possibility of being deceived is small. Okay, that's all for today's sharing. This content can help everyone to select high-quality plush plush toys, and can also help companies to initially check the quality when inspecting the goods. Thanks everyone for reading!

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