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Want to know about the production requirements and quality inspection standards of plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-04-14

The plush toys that look cute and feel soft and comfortable to the touch are harmless, but there may be many hidden dangers, bacteria? virus? Or something else? These are all related to whether the plush toy manufacturers strictly follow the requirements during the production process. Below, the editor will introduce you the production requirements and quality inspection standards of plush toys. 1. It is strictly required that every production worker’s manual needle must be placed on a fixed soft bag, and it is strictly forbidden to directly insert it on a plush toy, so that people can leave the needle and pull out; if the needle is broken, another needle must be found , And then report the two needles to the workshop team supervisor to exchange for new needles. If you can’t find the broken needle, you must look for it through the probe device; each manual worker can only send out one working needle that day. All steel tools should be placed uniformly, not arbitrarily. At the same time, all steel tools must be checked every time after get off work; the steel brush for bristles should be used correctly. After the bristles are finished, you should touch the bristles to check whether there are any Dangerous goods remain. 2. Toy accessories must meet the standard requirements. The accessories on the toy body, including eyes, nose, buttons, ribbons, bow ties, etc., may be dangerous because they are not firmly dropped or torn off. If a child eats by mistake, all accessories must be tightened. The next process can only be carried out if it is fastened and meets the tensile requirements. For example, the eyes and nose must bear the tension of 21LBS; ribbons, flowers, and buttons must bear the tension of 4LBS; for these quality problems, the inspector must often test the tension of the above accessories, and find the problem to be resolved in time with the supervisor. 3. The toy packaging requirements should not be ignored. The packaging tape needs to be printed with warnings and punched at the bottom to prevent children from putting the tape on their heads and causing danger. 4. All filaments and meshes must have warnings and age signs. All the fabrics and auxiliary materials of toys must not contain toxic chemical substances, so as to avoid the danger of children's tongue licking; 5. Be careful during the production and packaging process, and there must be no scissors, drill bits and other metal objects left in the packing box; 6. All plush toys Before packaging, it must be tested by a probe machine to prevent fine needles from remaining in the plush toy.

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