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Using the popular trend of electronic products, high-tech let plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-01-01
With the progress of the society, the electronic products have been spread to every family, children aged from 1 to 80 - year - old man, basic will use different electronic products, especially children, imitate ability strong, like to imitate their parents, playing with adults, this time the parents worry, such impact on children is too big, parents want their children to play with his age line of plush toys, and best education value, then the more toys manufacturers begin to develop toward this aspect, some design with the function of electronic products, toys for parents to choose, in the design and production with the function of electronic products, plush stuffed animals should pay attention to what? First, plush plush toys manufacturers in the design should consider when children how to participate in the custom electronic content? The voice of the plush toys, for example, is how to stimulate the imagination of children's game? This style of play and how it affects the child's creativity, executive ability, cognitive growth? Design of every kind of toy doll, first consider the child by playing with the toys that we can learn something. Second, each designed a plush toys in front of the market, must through the use of some practical experiments, to judge
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