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Using 3 d printing production plush toy doll

by:YouRun     2021-01-04
3 d printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, it is a kind of based on the digital model file, using the powder metal or plastic adhesive materials, such as to construct the object by means of step by step a printing technology, 3 d printing services are now used in more and more places, you know, our plush toy doll is also can be made use of 3 d technology, is sent out by the print head yarn not only melting plastic wire, is there a magic. According to the report, the United States Carnegie Mellon university in Pittsburgh, and Disney research center jointly developed a new technology, into a digital 3 d model of knitting technology, this technology is through the software program and a computer programming braiding machine, achieve harmony, to customize a variety of 3 d printing plush plush toys, make it possible for the 3 d printing fluffy, will tell from the structure, is a machine can replace many individuals to prepare task is a mixture of a 3 d printer and a sewing machine, can produce more soft, flexible object used for printing plush toy doll model. Precipitation method is to use a 3 d printer type way of printing, the printer in the injection of wool knitting materials, such as a wool with barbed pin is installed to the print head, step by step a puncture wound back and forth with wool, it also leads to fiber layer adjacent to each other, and one layer upon layer overlay and combining together, like a sewing machine, then use the online 3 d printing according to the model code of computer output layers of pile up to complete the weaving process. Made forms of plush toy doll model compared with the traditional hand-made sample reduction degree is higher, more vivid, shorter time, improve the production efficiency of plush toy factory, can also according to the structure of the model, found the problems in weaving process at any time, reduce mistakes.
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