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Unique creative toys and gifts can win the gift market

by:YouRun     2021-04-06

In order to cater to various fashion trends and consumer needs in the gift toy market, the word creativity has never been so important and indispensable as this year. Almost every year, there is a peak in the production and sales of toys and other products. In addition to festivals, this peak is also inseparable from the product itself. A person in charge who specializes in toy manufacturing said that toy orders in 2015 are similar to previous years. Every year, toy production starts at full capacity two months before Christmas. Get more opportunities for development during the peak period. Take plush toy products as an example. In order to meet market demand, the design, manufacturing and production links of toy products have to be changed according to the trend. What kind of toy products were popular the year before and what popular elements were popular in 2015? There is a certain reference to the design, manufacturing and production in 2016, but this is not a rigid talk. After all, the uniqueness of product characteristics is alive. Only with characteristics can there be vitality; only with vitality can there be market competitiveness. This sentence has been recognized by most people. According to an early childhood educator, people used to have no such awareness when toy products were very single. However, today’s diversified toy product market is completely different. The kindergarten is now the most popular among children. In terms of a jigsaw puzzle favored by parents, a wooden jigsaw puzzle is not only safe and playable, but fascinating features are the most important thing. Of course, a wooden jigsaw puzzle product is mainly based on educational content, but the cultural connotation it has been given has also fascinated some parents (including kindergarten teachers), and some educational toy collectors have also taken a fancy to its collection. The value of this wooden puzzle toy product has been widely promoted in a short period of time. If you compare a jigsaw puzzle with only animal patterns and a jigsaw puzzle with Chinese cultural content such as the Three-Character Classic, it goes without saying that the audience of the latter will be higher than the former. This is the best proof that the characteristics have won the market. An industry insider from a toy association once said that what we make is toys, but these toys are not only products that are safe and beautiful, but that we make plush toys and gifts that are contemporary, creative and rich in content. Indeed, in order to make the product fuller, we often have to incorporate some elements that can make the product more vigorous and distinctive, so as to attract people's attention.

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