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U-shaped pillow is a favorite of office workers

by:YouRun     2020-11-12
Pillow is recently popular wholesale, and occupy very important position in the toy market. Today's urban white-collar workers in the office all day, working overtime is normal, so there are a lot of girls like to his own office space more comfortable, more human, and the u-shaped pillow and plush dolls will become the best choice. At the factory, every day can see all kinds of plush plush toys and pillow production, and in the city of toys wholesale, also often can see the pillow, all of these are complied with the market demand. Plush plush toys can arouse the customer's childlike innocence, even can have the effect of stress relief. While U hold pillow can provide a short break for the broad masses of workers, while during your lunch break time of have a good night's sleep is a good choice. , except for the two products in the wholesale toy market, there is a doll is a very popular products. Today, after 80 has gradually become the main force of market consumption, nostalgic has become mainstream, there are a lot of cloth doll with star. Of course, the baby also needs to keep pace with The Times, on work is more delicate, on the image more beautiful, is also a main way of attracting customers. Want fortune within the toy industry, the most important is to understand customers' psychology, the second trend is to focus on. Nowadays, hold pillow in the market to occupy a certain seat, toy manufacturers should seize this opportunity.
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