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U-shape pillow pillow manufacturers are briefly introduced

by:YouRun     2021-01-13
Hold pillow, for this era of rapid development, already is not a new word. More and more pillow manufacturers have started production category variety of pillow. And the mainstream of the pillow production, it is u-shaped pillow. According to the literature, the emergence of the u-shaped pillow can be traced back to the earliest period of northern song dynasty, used in the northern song dynasty era of scholar-bureaucrat arch pillow is the prototype of the modern pillow. Arch is an arc with small pillow, due to the northern song dynasty period secretary need to stay the night that is leaking court to court, so often lack of sleep, so take a pillow, arch leaking to the courtyard to take a break. The agony of the northern song dynasty literary intelligentsia, our workers also exists at present, so the derivatives of arch pillow pillow is growing up. And according to the current survey, the development of the u-shaped pillow is present a necessary trend for office workers. Now we are seeing more u-shaped pillow is made by using different colors. Some main cartoon image as the characteristic, the u-shaped pillow is cartoon characters as the main body; Also some u-shaped pillow is to imitate the image of some animals, such as we often see according to elephant nose shape made of u-shaped pillow; And u-shaped pillow to provide the location of the embedded arm, such U hold pillow pillow is invented by the manufacturer for further convenient user can be seen as u-shaped pillow upgrade version.
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