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U-shape pillow and pillow the combination of goods and toys

by:YouRun     2021-01-10
For many people, u-shaped pillow and the pillow belongs to functional product most of them pay more attention to product quality and comfort, not so care about the design of the product. However, many overseas already more and more attention to this kind of functional products into more cartoon image, making them both functional and leisure entertainment. Exports a large demand tends to spur domestic product follow trends, this makes many pillow wholesale manufacturers began to focus on product development and innovation. Hold pillow is similar to the mascot plush toys design, manufacturers also will choose image and lovely, funny like as pillow and cartoon image in the image of combining site. , of course, when an image and thorough popular feeling, hold pillow manufacturer can blend in the selected pillow directly in the process of production. This saves both market research again, the amount of time and energy, material and financial resources and also can guarantee to produce a product sales have been in a good state. Many pillow wholesale manufacturers also do U pillow at the same time, these two kinds of rare head appears to be different, but not too big differences in design principles. So for this kind of manufacturer will be u-shaped pillow design and cartoon image design together is not a difficult task. Pillow wholesale will often meet too much worry about wholesale quantity results the risk of the market demand is not big, so that dealers can often choose to have export trade of domestic manufacturers, reduce the risk.
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