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Toys teach you choose high quality plush toys

by:YouRun     2020-11-02

plush toys in the toy market currently occupy the vast majority, whether children or youth or adult, like plush toys, soft, fluffy stuffed by each age level of people. Technology and the development of the society, promoting the rapid development of the toy industry, has already started to popular intelligent plush toys, not only beautiful, lovely, but also can design customized freely according to own hobby, but you must pay attention to some problems when choosing plush toys, plush toys teach next we choose high quality plush toys.

a: how to choose the high quality plush toys?

1: look inside filling material

plush toys good all of the wadding is PP cotton, feel is good very evenly. The wadding is of poor black heart cotton, feel bad, serious still can cause an effect to the child body.

2: look into the eyes of toys

high quality deep into the eyes of the plush toy is very bright, very god, the high-grade crystal eyes, felt able to communicate with them. Inferior plush toys eyes are black rough, matt, not god, even some toys, eyes inside and bubbles.

3: plush toys, plush material

short velveteen fabric, do toys inside the finest material, is a kind of very much in the current international high-end toys. This fabric appearance concealed by fluff, toy suede is very flat, so called the velveteen.

4: the plush toy brands

to see if there are any more trademark, brand, plush toy safety sign, plush toy manufacturer communication, the information such as address, make sure that is regular products, check the moistureproof performance are in good condition.

5: check appearance

in addition to the designs in the toy is beautiful, also want to see if toys around part symmetry, backlog is soft and fluffy, with the hand stitching each part is rigid, toy parts have scratches, such problems as incomplete.

6: see fabric quality

plush toys cloth to clean first, followed by the quality, the fabric has high low-grade division, short plush, velvet, these are all very good fabric, determine a plush toy price is one of the important factors.

7: check the plush toys accessories

plush toys accessories instability or too small, easy to play in the baby into the mouth, produce risk. In addition, also want to see whether the same color or raw wool to consistent, otherwise it will affect beautiful. Pay special attention to when buy plush toys sewing technique, that is to say, it is fine workmanship, accessories with the principal part of collocation is harmonious.

choose from plush toys, children's toys, as well as a variety of educational toys or plush dolls, is close friends certainly good check, according to the above seven aspects, you can choose to the right, the high quality of plush toys, select plush toys, be sure to select the strength of strong, have innovation, big brand plush toys, all kinds of intelligent soft toys, cartoon toys and sporting events, such as the mascot toys custom service, 20 years toy brands, good quality, quality guaranteed.

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