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Toy manufacturers to share how to design corporate mascot?

by:YouRun     2020-11-15

with increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises in the mascot's unique and important role, enterprise mascot design represents the image of an enterprise, it is like the totem of an enterprise, representing the enterprise brand image recognition, is the embodiment of corporate brand image. So how to design enterprise mascot? Next toy manufacturers to share enterprise mascot design what you need to follow the basic principles.

a, grasp the main body of the mascot positioning

according to the attributes of a company's industry and business philosophy, corporate culture, product quality to set the main image of the mascot is the core image. On the basis of this increase on behalf of the enterprise and product characteristics of gear element.

2, pay attention to the image of the mascot ideas

creative element is derived from the enterprise culture background, industry characteristics, relations, regional characteristics and religion, legends, etc, these organic combination will again make main image more fullness. So the core of the creative is lenovo elements combination and symbol. The mascot design must give up thinking pattern. Mascot to refine the height of the representational model elements, ignore the intuitive realistic image, pay attention to convey the essence of philosophy.

3, the design of the mascot have affinity to

in consumer psychology, affinity to service the first impression, promote enterprise demands of the audience is interested in the mascot temperament desire, further perception enterprise product service qualities, to produce a strong emotional identity.

4, corporate mascot design to have differentiation

mascot is a visual strong personification image of the body, only a distinctive visual image, consumers will default to selective memory. Reviewed the development of the market from the early period of 'bouquet afraid of deep alley' quality begins, experienced the era of 'homogeneous competition than their' attractive packaging, into the era of 'brand image', later will change progress, but it was already clear that image differentiation is to identify the enterprise and the product must be.

5, corporate mascot of dynamic application

mascot from static to dynamic and changeful modelling, can be well applied in the process of enterprise brand communication, marketing activities. Mascot role to diversify, bearing the enterprise core ideas at the same time, more in different products and services of propaganda theme atmosphere attract consumer attention.

how to design corporate mascot? Above is corporate mascot design pattern and the moral need to follow the basic principles, the principle of the integrated use of restructuring will represent different cultural characteristics of the image and structure, the final design out of everyone's favorite mascot.

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