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Too many plush dolls in the house? These storage methods are very practical!

by:YouRun     2021-04-16

On the one hand, we dote on the little princess, little emperor, and the things that others have, and the children at home must also have plush toys. Therefore, every once in a while, we will buy them for the children at home. Some toys; on the one hand, every parent will rack their brains for the storage of children's toys. Families with children should have a lot of storage boxes and storage boxes, right? The purpose is to keep large and messy plush toys in order. of general materials are very easy to store, but I don’t know if you have noticed that although the plush dolls are soft, they are extraordinarily troublesome to store. Because this type of toy is large and cannot be squeezed, it causes problems for parents. It’s a lot of trouble, today, let’s recommend a few good ways to store plush dolls, super practical storage skills, remember to collect them! The first type: The sling storage method is for those plush dolls that are not too large. After a certain amount is accumulated, they can be tied up with a rope and sling. They can be hung behind the door or hung in the corner. Song, 20 plush doll are perfectly stored, not only that, but also play a certain decorative role! The second type: Confinement storage method. If the hanging storage method can no longer meet your needs, you may wish to try this confinement storage method again, buy a high cage (handmade one is fine), and destroy the order in the home. All of the plush dolls are placed inside and confined, stacked on top of each other, which can be stored and decorated. The third type: one-net-all storage method. If you think that the method of hanging them behind the door or in the corner of the wall is too cumbersome and too obtrusive, you can also pull a net at the corner of the wall, and then collect all the plush doll in one net. Incorporating into the net, the originally bare corners can also be arranged more interestingly. The fourth type: The first three storage methods are for storage, forcing them to become home decorations, and this storage method is very powerful, we can stuff them all into a cloth bag In the middle, let them wear crimes and make meritorious deeds and become children's lazy sofas. The soft plush doll are also very comfortable to sit up!

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