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To find custom plush dolls is to choose to go with quality

by:YouRun     2021-04-11

Formaldehyde has long been defined as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization. According to relevant experts, when the formaldehyde content of textiles exceeds the standard, part of the formaldehyde will be released during use or wear, which will cause harm to the human body. For plush plush toys, its fabrics are textiles; some unscrupulous manufacturers will choose non-environmental, low-quality fabrics to produce plush toys due to cost factors. In this case, it will cause certain harm to the human body. Plush toys are not only the favorite friends of many children, but also the companions of many adults. Children's body resistance is low, even adults, long-term absorption of harmful formaldehyde is also harmful, so excessive formaldehyde must not be allowed. So how is formaldehyde produced? Let's take a look at the editor. Formaldehyde in textiles is generally added non-subjectively, but fabric factories will add some additives such as softeners, fixing agents, adhesives, etc., which contain formaldehyde during the production process. If these additives are not added, the effect of textile fabrics will be poor, and shrinkage will occur. In general, as long as these additives meet the added amount and can control the amount of formaldehyde, they will not have a great impact on the fabric. However, in order to control the cost, the fabric factory will add a lot of it, so that the effect of the textile will be very good, its shrinkage rate will be controlled, and the same cost can produce more fabrics. If such fabrics are used to produce plush toys, the formaldehyde content of the toys will not meet the standard. Excessive formaldehyde will have a certain impact on the human respiratory tract, causing coughing, tearing, and allergies. If long-term contact with plush plush toys with excessive formaldehyde, it may even cause cancer, which is very scary! So when you choose a plush toy factory, you must keep your eyes open, choose those formal factories, and eliminate three-five products. It is a professional plush toy manufacturer. We have been focusing on the plush toy industry for many years, and our production strength and quality have been recognized by the industry and corporate customers. The choice is to choose to go with quality, and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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