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The toy factory tell you recycle and use of plush toys

by:YouRun     2020-11-02

many mothers have a same headaches, children's toy room, with both occupy a space and bacteria. May be too many times grumbling, but loathe to give up really throw them away. The plush toys can be recycled? In this paper, small make up tell you recycle and use of plush toys.

with the childhood playmates discarded in the corner eating ash, it is better to let them play a more important value, because, like other textile products, plush toys can be recycling. Common external materials of plush toys for cotton cloth, nylon cloth, and grasp the flannelette, commonly internal padding for pp cotton (commonly PS: filler no recall of toys made of rubber, plastic or foam particles value) Normally, facial accessories plastic pp or PE.

after the recycling process of regeneration and other textiles, are dissected into parts for recycling or reuse. Recycling is the most direct way of environmental treatment, but recycle, to give the 'playmate' second life, is what we want to see, today, plush toys manufacturers to share the use of two kinds of plush toys:

1, lazy sofa ( Can be said to be quite simple and crude! )

to buy a bigger bag, put all the toys all plug in, and then, you will be able to 'Green'!

2, DIY a new pillow

to find a suitable piece of hold pillow case and cotton nets, remove the damaged plush toys in the cotton to fill in the cotton net back, put on hold pillow case, congrats!

plush toys and recycle and use will be sharing the above content, plush toys regeneration and recycling are green way of life, can let its value.

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