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The rising raw materials, the most YanZhi super make, 'price' of the toy industry?

by:YouRun     2020-12-31
The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but you are in a double tenth to depreciate sales promotion, turned and let out a paper price declaration & ndash; — “ December, the company decided to each product on the basis of original increase 8%, November shipment according to the original price. ” The notification from shantou a toy factory also told him why prices, said since October surge or 30% raw materials, carton or 15%, or 15%, color box, or 15%, then there is hardware, transport, motor, electrical panels in different degree of price increases. ( Image is derived from the network) The influence the prices of raw materials for the toy industry, the main material of rubber and plastic toys, for example, according to the price monitoring, business club in October 2016, commodity prices rise and fall of rubber plate rose by a list of goods, a total of 20 kinds, which rose by more than 5% of a total of 13 kinds of goods, 59 of the plate is monitoring the number of goods. 1%. One of the commonly used toy material PS, ABS, PC, PP rose 8 respectively. 23%, 27. 22%, 15. 46%, 18. 76%. In October 2016, rubber and plastic commodity prices fall (a list of Source: business club) In addition to the rise in raw material, called & other; The most YanZhi throughout the &; New transfinite transport vehicle traffic highway management regulations 'and' the regulation violation overrun overload highway truck special operation plan since September 21 implement, have also brought the toy industry logistics costs increase. It is understood that the punishment of the revised standard, every time once found overloaded vehicles, namely in the car & other; Shearing section. at throughout four penalty &; ( For owners, for drivers, penalty freight enterprise, for business or place of loading) , the maximum fine of 500 yuan per overload 1 ton, is higher than the original standard for several times, due to illegal costs rise, the driver can't continue to ultra high overload. Truck pictures ( Image is derived from the network) The most YanZhi super make ( Image is derived from the network) In recent years, the appreciation of the renminbi, the staff wages and raw material prices, export barriers to improve the factors, such as domestic toy industry profit level is on the decline. If not markup, internal digestion, unbearable cost weight, price and worry away distributors and consumers. Increase in the price of dare not, don't want to have to rise in price in response to rising costs, some toy manufacturers helpless & other; Is price & throughout; In order to protect themselves. A toy factory in guangdong production workshop ( Chinese and foreign toy network file photo) To this, also has the toy manufacturers are optimistic, think do plush toys, toys are no longer simple but for quality, taste and service. Behind the survival of the fittest, competition will further bring toys industry reshuffle, low added value, poor ability to resist risks of enterprises will be eliminated. In the current domestic market, toys are discretionary, the personage inside course of study advice, toy manufacturers should gradually adjust the management idea, from & other; Price & throughout; The transition to & other; Brand war & throughout; To seek new profit growth point. Make the independent brand, improve product added value and realize the product differentiation, give full play to the brand effect, is a toy enterprise improve the competitiveness of powerful guarantee. Source: the Chinese and foreign toy network integrated text/edit: my love
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