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The present situation of the plush toy industry

by:YouRun     2020-11-22
The current domestic economic rise, increasing domestic consumption, but the toy industry will still appear toy factory production of good quality and exquisite products are exported, the class sales are usually rough products, plush plush toys are no exception, it is not only a plush toy industry present situation, is also the present situation of manufacturing industry. Plush toy factory made by plush stuffed animals are not not in domestic sales, export, but the basic is home sales and imports, so that after the transportation back and forth, back to the price of domestic sales will turn over a few times, why can cause this kind of situation now? 1, although the productivity of plush toys or concentrated in China, but not too much and their novel design, less self innovation spirit of adventure and mentality, will only copycats and lead to miss the time development of new markets. 2, most of the plush toy factory research and development ability was not enough to support the value of the product itself, can only rely on fake, counterfeit layer heat products to improve their sales. 3, there are some plush toys manufacturers don't want to change as the market, the transformation of economic to change their way of doing business, still in the processing for the main business.
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