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The mascot design for enterprise ‌ ‌ brand construction the significance and role

by:YouRun     2020-11-16

corporate mascot also can be said to be the commercial mascot, is refers to the enterprises to strengthen their own management idea, in market competition to establish a good image recognition, highlight the characteristics of the product and choose to have affinity, with special spiritual connotation. Commercial mascot has subjectivity, can rise the management idea, increase the role of enterprise intangible asset accumulation.

now with the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises in the mascot's unique and important role, is a corporate mascot design is a totem of brand, brand logo design is another kind of performance, is the embodiment of corporate brand, the symbol, therefore, the mascot should reflect beverage brand concept and essence, not only to 'shape' and 'spirit likeness'.

mascot design for enterprise ‌ ‌ brand construction the significance and role:

1, first of all, as the enterprise culture carrier, the mascot of the character image is helpful to reveal the spirit of enterprise, enhance the internal cohesion and combat effectiveness, building a harmonious business relationship;

2, 'voice' as the enterprise image, the mascot for the communication of the important tasks of Volkswagen, propaganda enterprise concept, favorable to improve the social awareness and reputation of the enterprise;

3, as an important carrier of enterprise brand publicity, the accumulation of positive energy, can provide subtle support for the enterprise market development, make the enterprise occupies advantageous position in the market competition.

embarking from the strategic height of brands, focus on market segmentation, blend in cartoon brand strategy, through from concept, design and implementation of comprehensive integrated service, make the virtual image play a special role in the real business operation, reduce the distance with the target object, the enhancement enterprise/brand vitality, promote the depth of communication, make the enterprise/brand more attractive, more popular.

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