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The kinds and contents of common label in Plush Toys

The kinds and contents of common label in Plush Toys


The plush toys become more and more popular with children, people must choose the products produced by standard manufacture factory when buying plush toys, so how to judge toys be produced by a standard factory, besides peculiar smell, felt the material is it soft, there's a important point, that is label. If a plush toy even don't have label, do you dare to buy? There's many kinds of labels can be used on toys, so let’s share the common label of plush toys below.

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The kinds and contents of common label in Plush Toys

1. Nylon label.

 Nylon label generally contents customer's logo, website, client’s name and address, country of origin, date in produced, ingredient list, icon, the age mark and so on.

2. Woven label.

 This kind of label the biggest feature is can printing very beautiful logo pattern, washable, factory mostly like use this label, because plush toys need be periodic cleaning to avoid bacterial growth.

3. Paper label

 As the name suggests, this label be made by paper, common use the paper with high hardness. And it can be printed many contents such as products name, material, filling texture, upkeep method, suitable age and some certifications, but the most important is it can’t washable.

We know, the main market of plush toys is kids and child, so it can’t be careless when you choose it, must be sure to check whether have label or not and the contents in label. No matter the material, technology and the packing progress, the regular factory must be strictly check, so such these factory would like show more information in labels, and let consumers to choose.

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