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The kind and content of the commonly used tags are plush toys

by:YouRun     2020-12-13
Plush toy doll is more and more loved by everyone, everyone must choose normal when buying a plush plush toys plush toys factory produced products, how to judge whether a plush dolls for normal manufacturer of production, in addition to work, have to smell without peculiar smell, feel the texture is soft, still has an important place, is to see the label, if a plush doll doesn't even have a label, so you still dare to buy? In the label on the doll doll has many types, plush toys to share with you below label types and contents of the commonly used. 1, nylon tags, labels generally include: the content of the customer's trademark LOGO, website, the customer's name and address, country of origin, date of production, ingredients, icon ( Hand washing, ironing, dry cleaning, etc. ) , age standard ( 3 +, 0 +, etc. ) And so on. 2, woven label, woven lable can label the biggest characteristic of woven lable is beautifully printed LOGO design, can be washed, plush toy factory usually use this type of cloth label, because the plush dolls all need regular cleaning to avoid bacterial growth. 3, paper label print label as the name suggests is made of paper trademark, generally USES the paper with higher hardness, it can print the content more, include: product name, material, filler, maintenance method, suitable for age and identified the execution of the relevant standards, but can not be washed. We all know, doll plush dolls, children play more these products, so in the choice of time can not be careless, be sure to pay attention to whether the content on the label and label, general formal manufacturer from material selection to process to the final packaging is will guard a pass strictly, so this toy factory is very willing to show more information in the label, let consumers be assured the choose and buy.
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