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The fabrics made of plush toys should be selected according to the specific image items

by:YouRun     2021-04-04

The editor will introduce to you what are the common fabrics that we make plush plush toys? The more common plush toy fabrics are as follows: plush, such as South Korean velvet, peacock velvet, sunflower velvet V yarn, T yarn; and teddy toys such as straw velvet, down velvet, steam velvet, etc.; There are shearing fleece, super soft short fleece, towel fleece and so on. The most common fabrics for plush toys on the market should be South Korean fleece, Heim fleece, V yarn, cashmere, coral fleece, super soft short fleece and so on. This type of plush fabric can not only show elegance and wealth, but also embody gentleness and beauty. Because it is made by combining thread-making technology and artificial fur technology, fabrics made of polyester filaments are the mainstream products. The new fabric developed combines thread-making technology and artificial fur technology. The product style is unique and has a strong three-dimensional effect. This kind of fabric is mostly used to make images of animals with more hair and long hair, such as stuffed toys such as stuffed bears and stuffed rabbits. Because it can better show the simulation of plush plush toys, the degree of fidelity will be greatly improved. Generally speaking, the fabrics used to make plush toys are mainly mentioned above. There are short velveteen and plush fabrics; there are also some plush toys based on machines. These can also use short velvet fabrics, but some have the image of robots. The use of border cloth can better reflect the characteristics of the robot. The editor introduced so many fabrics for making plush toys. The main reason is to tell you that there are many kinds of fabrics, but not all of them can be used to uniformly produce toys with various images. It needs to be selected according to the specific image shape, and different plush fabrics are used according to different image items. We have always maintained this production tenet, in order to produce plush plush toys with image and image for our customers. Alright, the content of this article is here, please look forward to the update for more information.

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