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The enterprise how to choose the best fit image of custom plush mascot

The enterprise how to choose the best fit image of custom plush mascot


The enterprise usually use some proper mascot to give as a present, in order to have some propaganda effect in some commercial activity. Plush Toy is one of the best fit products as a gift, while enterprise mascot doll be designed, generally add some enterprise culture, by this way, can publicity this company.

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Most of these images are cartoon, cute and have strong affinity, can let people remembered this company immediately when they see these mascot images, and many plush toys factory while customized make toys, they can add company’s logo or QR code. Compared cost much money to do advertise, enterprise mascot plush doll have stronger propaganda effect.

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Many enterprise would like choose animal’s cartoon images as the generally direction of designs. Because can use some exaggerated culture in expression and body structure in animals images,  then these be made images are more markedness and prominent as company’s brand and feature. Also some enterprise use fictitious images to design, without resorting to anything concrete as a prototype, feature design can be more bold and free than animal images, and in human feature like hands, feet and eyes, can according to company’s culture to make them more exaggerated, let products more having themselves culture.

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