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The Different Filling Material of Plush Toy

The Different Filling Material of Plush Toy


The fluffy plush toys doll has soft touch feeling, don’t afraid to squeeze, besides the soft and comfortable surface material, also cannot leave interior material, good filling material can make plush toy’s shape more lovely and brings people comfortable and healthy experience. Then what are the different types of stuffing in plush toys? Let’s introduce it to you:

The Different Filling Material of Plush Toy

1:PP cotton

As one of the most commonly used one, also called doll cotton, filling cotton, the material is recycled polyester staple fiber, is a ordinary man-made chemical fibre, this has the nature of good resilience, strong fluffy extend, comfort touching feel, low price, good warmth retention property. So it is be used as plush toy’s stuffing material by many Plush Toys factory.

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2:Washable cotton

Washable cotton is made of cotton cloth, after special treatment, the surface tone and 

Luster of the fabric are more soft, and the feel of the fabric is more comfortable, in the slight wrinkle, it shows some sense of old material. This kind of clothes has the advantages of not easy to change shape, not fade, and no ironing. The surface of the better washable cotton cloth also has a layer of even plush, unique styles.

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3:Down Feather cotton

It is made of superfine fiber of different specifications through special process, It is called eiderdown cotton because of it’s quality like eiderdown, and most of them are called silk cotton or hollow cotton, the product has light and thin, delicate feel, soft and uniform, good heat preservation, not easy to deform, not permeable silk, without any strange things and solid objects.

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4:Plastic Particle

The main purpose of this small particle stuffed plush toy is to keep dolls can standing or sitting,because this kind of stuffed material is heavier than common cotton wool, and filling in toy’s butt or foot will lower the center of gravity of the toy, making the plush toy more stable on a flat.

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5:Foam Particle

It is also called snow peas, is a high polymer, is a kind of high-strength buffer, seismic capacity of new environmental protection foam material, it is flexible, qualitative light, flexible, can bend to absorb and disperse the external impact force, to achieve the effect of buffer, to overcome the ordinary styrofoam fragile, deformation, the shortcomings of resilience difference. is more comfortable if be filled in pillow or cushions.

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