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The development prospects of plush toys develop the market

by:YouRun     2021-03-22

1. To redeem plush toys, go to trustworthy physical stores in shopping malls or online branded online stores with high creditworthiness. produced by regular manufacturers should have instructions for use. Instructions for use are usually set on the toy in the form of a label. The instructions for use should at least include the product name, manufacturer name, factory address, contact number, main materials or ingredients, implementation standard code, applicable age range, safety warnings, etc.;( Domestic toys should comply with the GB6675 toy safety standard, and imported toys should comply with the EN71 toy standard of the European Community). 2. Sensory screening. When shopping on-site, you can open the package and smell it for a pungent odor. The regular and qualified toys should have no special odor. Try not to buy the odorous toys. The internal filling material of the toy should be sufficient, soft and flexible. Determine whether the filling material is waste material and whether it contains unsanitary sundries. Observe the appearance of the toy and check whether its head is round, full, and soft and hard. The position of the nose should be roughly centered and not skewed. The position of the ears and nose should be arranged symmetrically, and there should be no obvious heights. The position of the mouth and tongue should be aligned with the position of the nose without shifting. The limbs should be symmetrical in thickness and appropriate in length. If there are no problems in the above inspections, the primary selection is qualified. Next is the inspection of the fabric. When inspecting the quality of the fabric, you should hold the toy in your hand and forcefully move it along the direction of the natural covering of the plush. Chromatic aberration, plush should be restored to its original state after combing. If the plush does not return to its original shape after being fumbled and combed, and looks chaotic stripes, it means that the quality of the fabric used in this toy is not good enough. In addition, it is also necessary to see whether the hair direction of the same color or the same body position is the same, otherwise the color will be different under the sun, and the hair direction will be opposite, which will affect the appearance. For stuffing inspection of plush toys, the eligibility standard requires that the filling cotton be made of special PP cotton, which is the same material as the nine-hole pillow in the supermarket, with good elasticity and uniform texture; on the contrary, if the filling is low-grade cotton or black cotton, Poor hand feeling, inelastic compaction, endangering human health. 3. Firmness check, the joints on the simulation plush toy should be firm, and the filler shall not be exposed from the joints. Generally, the joints between the head and the body of the toy and the joints between the limbs and the body are made of sewing technology, which should be carefully checked. The general standard is that the bottom of the thread is uniform, no off-line, no exposed thread. In order to determine the sewing fastness, you can hold any sewing part of the toy with your hands and pull it left and right three times, and there should be no breakage or rupture. For high-standard toys produced by regular manufacturers, reinforcing tapes will be added to key parts and stitched together to ensure the best safety. 4. There are also some detailed knowledge of purchasing simulation plush toys. a. Look into the eyes of the toy. The eyes of high-quality plush toys are very bright, deep, and energetic. With high-end crystal eyes, I feel able to communicate with them. The eyes of inferior toys are black, rough, dull, and dull. There are even some plush toys with bubbles in the eyes. b. Look at the nose and mouth of the toy. Among the plush toys, there are several types of animal noses, including foreskins, hand-sewn with thread, and plastics. A good leather nose is made of good leather or good artificial leather, and the nose is plump and delicate. The inferior nose leather is very rough and not full enough. The nose made of thread is divided into padded and unpadded, silk thread, wool thread and cotton thread. A good seam nose is very finely crafted and neatly arranged. However, there are many small workshops, and the workers have no formal training. The workmanship is very poor. The quality of plastic noses depends on the quality of their workmanship and molds. Because the quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the nose. c. The materials of the palms and soles of the feet. The materials of the palms and soles are also very particular. Pay special attention to its sewing methods when purchasing, which means whether it is finely crafted and whether the materials used in the palms and soles are in harmony with the main body. Usually, both adults and children will use plush plush toys as intimate playmates. If the quality is inferior, they are a very dangerous source of disease. Therefore, by combining the above aspects and mastering the purchasing skills, you can effectively avoid and eliminate them. Simulation plush toys launched a large-scale group purchase activity at the end of the year, friends who like it can pay attention to us.

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