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The child’s habit of eating with stuffed toys should be corrected

by:YouRun     2021-04-18

Winter is coming, and the temperature is getting lower and lower, and fluffy things will become more and more attractive. Adults love to hug coral fleece quilts on the sofa, while children are I like to have stuffed toys by my side. Friends who have cute babies at home should all have a habit of discovering their children. Children who like plush plush toys should not only hold it during daily play, but also hold it when eating. Of course, it is understandable that children like plush toys, but their habit of eating together with plush plush toys should be corrected? On this issue, the return is affirmative! It’s okay for children to like plush toys, but children love to hug them and eat together. This is a problem! 1. Parents who pay attention to cleaning will regularly clean the items in the home. Of course, this also includes plush toys, but even if it is cleaned more frequently, we will not clean it every day, right? Because of the special material, plush toys are easy to attract dust, let alone a day or two, even a few hours, the toy may already have bacterial dust mites. The resistance of children is not as good as that of adults. It is quite unhygienic if they are allowed to eat with a stuffed toy! 2. Allowing children to eat with plush toys is not only bad for children and easily affects their health, but in fact, it is also very bad for the plush toys themselves. Children’s meals are not as regular as adults’ eating. They always like to grab food with their hands, and they always love to leak their mouths. At this time, if they just hug the stuffed toy, the oil from the food may be contaminated on the stuffed toy. It is naturally good to be cleaned up by parents in time, but if it is not cleaned up in time, it will easily attract cockroaches, mosquitoes, and breed bacteria! Don't underestimate every small habit in your child's daily life. If you are a little careless, it is really easy to go wrong! After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone will correct this bad habit of the child!

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