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The baby bib also requires innovation

by:YouRun     2020-11-09
The saliva dripping babies is dedicated to the kids around the neck in a pocket. Because the child age also small, mouth water is often the things, in order to prevent saliva flow on the clothes, it is a necessary equipment. How to keep the small bib and so on such objects quickly occupy the market? First of all, we want to think about this problem from multiple angles. For example, are these things is only a child to use? After such a fixed consumption object can feel their market has been limited. In many cases, adults also need these things. As long as a little improvement, can produce even adults can use. In addition to the baby bib, we can also consider improvement of other products, from the material, shape and so on various aspects to improve. Diversification is the king of the market. Imagine if your production of this product to 60 - year - old man, down to 1 year old baby can use, sales still bad? In addition to expanding the use of the crowd, but also can improve the quality of the products. Everybody likes are of good quality and high quality products. The proper only when product positioning adjustment, then the audience to accept, to buy the product has more people. A lot of plush toys manufacturer just blindly to produce plush toys, instead of spending money and energy to think about how to improve their products. Actually this is can essentially improve sales, one way to expand the market. If you want to use the number to occupy the market is not a long-term solution. But which we now have a lot of toy factory is missing. Like a toy factory in guangdong dongguan, it is to pay attention to the number of a cautionary tale.
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