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The application of the intelligent toy object have?

by:YouRun     2020-11-06

smart toys can not only develop user's cognition and skills, but also for learners' emotions, attitudes and values develop can also play an important role. So what are the applicable objects of intelligent toys?

1。 Children

young children's cognitive feeling operation stage, language and appearance is not yet fully formed, mainly through a simple action and senses to know the outside world. Children using the intelligent toy is cute, soft appearance and simple operation, through contact with toys, children to help them to know the world, develop motor skills. Quiet music, for example, the bear can help young children practice is a kind of simple actions of intelligent toys, strengthen children's open and close the door, press the light switch button action skills, etc.

2。 Children

children's cognitive development stage, starting in the brain the things were characterized using language to express ideas. Simple operation toys can't attract the attention of children, they need more cognitive challenge. Imagination, creativity and social games are stressed and valued. Story and simple mathematical logic intelligent toy is suitable for this stage of the children. Audio panel, for example, bears the toys can provide telling the story of activity space for children, children can manipulate plush toys by imagination to create their own stories, and through the words.

3。 Teenagers

teenagers mature cognitive basic, can be based on reasonable assumptions and inductive logic. They prefer toys based on computer, instead of plush toys. With advanced cognitive goal of intelligent toys very suitable for this stage of the children. Mr Karp toy allows players to build different, then design and the placement shot point, in does not affect the surrounding 'residents' of the case to dismantle it. The toy can cultivate children's spatial intelligence, at the same time learning mechanical concepts such as energy, momentum, and gravity.

4。 Adult

due to age, psychological, physiological, environmental and other differences, adult intelligence toys has the characteristics of innovative, high-tech and high challenge. Rogue intelligence toys, for example, is an adult intelligence toys, users can according to be fond of self assembled into humanoid or dinosaurs shape; As long as the robot chest button, phrases and operating robots to make a series of actions, then the robot can be recorded and reproduced just phrases and action. If you give it to install a smartphone, the robot can also through the mobile phone's camera to capture the user's action, and to imitate.

in the teaching practice, a kind of intelligent toys may contain a variety of education significance. Such as, intelligent robot Peter pan can be used as cognitive intelligence toys, help students to learn programming knowledge; Skill also can be used as a kind of toy, help students to apply knowledge to practice, cultivate the ability to operate; Feelings can also be a attitude kind toys, stimulate students interest and participation enthusiasm of programming knowledge. Intelligent toys in education development potential is huge, we should explore and promote intelligent toys and teaching, learning, the depth of the fusion, the biggest benefit in the teaching.

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