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The advantage of brand plush toys

by:YouRun     2020-12-27
With plush toys more and more popular, the plush toy industry is becoming more and more powerful, and more plush plush toys manufacturers like mushrooms growing, there are high quality toy manufacturers, but also some illegal businessmen in order to reduce costs, cut corners, use inferior raw material to produce plush toy doll, has a harmful effect on people's health, so why do you say you in choosing a plush plush toys, or to choose the brand toys, tell everyone about the advantage of the brand toys. Advantage: design most contracted classic brand toys will have their own traditional design style, generally according to the popular trend of each year, design some unique image, because of its unique shape and style, tend to become a classic. Advantage 2: strict quality control in plush toys made of big brand can have the third party inspection, even to different toy factory processing, in terms of quality control are very strict, their inspection standards in addition to appearance shape, there must be a car stitch density, loopholes and see if there is a line. Three advantages: more strict with the material brand toys usually do the fabric test, to see whether there is a heavy metal exceeds bid, on the density of the fabric is very high, because the density of the material is plush dolls will have the key of wool phenomenon. You when to buy plush toys, of course, in addition to see a brand label, also want to check again if there is any leak line, try knot, drag drag away not to drop hair, after all, in addition to watch brand, more important thing is to see the quality of the products.
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