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The accreditation standards and requirements of the children's toy?

by:YouRun     2020-11-08

none of the children don't like toys, the toy industry profit space is very large, many illegal for stakeholders, the national specification in order to better control the industry. Specifies some specification. Small make up sharing: children's toy certification standards and requirements?

children generally like toys, as people living standard rise, now and at home are not many children, for children like toys, parents is also needed, so the toy industry market is developing rapidly, large and small toy manufacturer rise, plush toys manufacturers.

but will appear on the market every year a large number of quality problem due to various aspects bring harm to children's toy car, plastic toys, plush toys, plush dolls, etc have been recalled, so lead to the world of toys on the market in China becomes more strict, make product quality certification to examine toys to people, especially for children being unsafe factors are all being unsafe factors hidden toy, is forbidden to enter the market, as the operator of toy factory, should know some authentication.

domestic commonly used test standard for the quality certification of all kinds of toys has the following kinds, you can look at:

GB - 6675 2014 national toy safety technical specification

GB - 9832 93 plush toys, dolls, plush dolls, plush dolls, cloth toys universal technical conditions

GB 5296. 5 - 96 consumer goods instructions, toy instructions

GB - 14746 93 children bicycle safety requirements

GB - 14747 93 children tricycle safety requirements

GB - 14748 93 children's cart security requirements

GB - 14749 93 baby walkers safety requirements

GB - 13472 92 children BMX bike safety requirements

iso8124 toy safety standard

ASTMF963 toy safety standard

EN71 toy safety standard

children toy certification standards and requirements? Small make up remind everybody, to buy children's toys and plush toys, must choose a good quality manufacturer can't buy cheap toys, because children like holding the toy, it is easy to enter the respiratory tract. Say so many, plush toys go on!

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