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That is popular with size friend what are the characteristics of plush toys?

by:YouRun     2020-11-02

plush toys, whether it's great friend of children like it very much, especially girls, like holding the plush toys to sleep at night, so loved by size friend of plush toys have the characteristics of what? Small make up to introduce the next.

plush toy is made up of wool fabrics and other textile materials as the main fabric, internal tamponade toys made of various fillers, English named ( 毛绒玩具) , also can be called soft toys ( soft toy) , stuffed toys, 填充玩具) Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao regions in China is called 'plush doll'. At present we habitually called the cloth toys plush toys. So, what kind of characteristics of plush toys with?

features: plush toys with modelling is vivid and lovely, feel soft, not afraid of extrusion, convenient cleaning, adornment sex is strong, high safety, people widely used, etc. So plush toys for children's toys, decorated the house, and as a gift is a good choice.

plush toys according to the characteristics of the products are classified into the following four categories:

1, according to the current production characteristic, the product basically have padding, so can say general plush toys, cloth toys or stuffed toys

2, according to whether the filling can be divided into stuffed toys and stuffed animals;

3, stuffed toys, according to the appearance with the different divided into plush stuffed toys, stuffed toys, plush stuffed toys, laughing

4, according to the appearance can be divided into stuffed animals, toys with electronic high intelligence, movement and sound animal toys and dolls, all kinds of festival gifts toys;

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