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Ten kinds of educational toys for children to grow up, play more and more intelligent

by:YouRun     2020-11-12

in family education, people often ignore the accompany with children have been the role of the toy, if every parent can choose suitable for children's ideal of intelligent toys. So, early intelligence development of children, will obtain good effect, these 10 types suitable for infants and young children of all ages intelligence plush toys, treasure treasure mom dad may refer to choose oh ~

1, play sand

all the children love to play, play with water. After 18 months of children already know can't literally put everything into his mouth. Then can provide all kinds of small tools, such as spatula, small rake, small barrel let them play sand, let the children put sand piled into various shapes, give full play to their creativity.

2, picture book

at the age of two young children have know a lot of items through eyes, mouth, hands, if we can find themselves in a picture book to know, how much it would be fun! Of course, parents can also through the picture book to teach kids know more things. This kind of painting is a simple line, of course, bright colours, you can recognize what is.

3, ring ring

3 months of a baby in one hand can play 'ring ring'. They began to try to touch, feel, vision or sense of taste. With the hand touch, realize how hand feeling; Various color with his eyes look at the toys. With my mouth taste toys; Shake 'ring ring' voice but also training the baby's hearing. This is the simplest toy baby the first step in the development of intelligence.

4, fold cups

for a two year old children, cup stacking toys is the infinite game changes, can be folded into a tower, but also into a single cup, can also hide the small building blocks or other small things inside the cup stacking looking for again. Through this game, children can know some things although eyes can't see, but it is real.

5, doll

two years old children already have personalities. At this time they have been able to express their likes and dislikes. If there is a doll toys, especially the girls they can treat doll like treat their mother, wash a face for the doll, dressing, feeding, praise or blame a doll.


6 months baby interested in move everything, color ball can roll the most attractive to them, push the ball will roll forward by hand. Baby will climb to chase balls, if mother can play with them together that would be even better.

7, compound shape box

this is used to train children to observe objects in the shape of a toy, through this kind of toys, children can know the opening allows only a shape items through of the same shape. Understand life supplies a variety of different shapes, while the size of the 18 months infants and young children more appropriate.

8, toy car

to the two late, children can have basic control their various parts of the body, can drive the car, you can drive fast, slow down, can also ride a 'Malaysia'. If the car also can carry on their own small toys, and itself can act as a transport drivers, that's fun.

9, blocks,

8 months infants already had many found that they already know toys, furniture and other equipment. They learned that some of the items are soft, some of them are hard, some where, some of them are round. Facing blocks, the baby will start using two hands, touch rattled on two small blocks; A stack on another will be higher than a single building block; But also can use lego lay in a variety of different shapes.

10, pull to toy animals

child pull to move 'animals' will make them mad. They will understand that there had been such a rope affects the strength, the electric smart car than those with dry cell is more open.

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