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Teach you washed plush toys

by:YouRun     2020-12-19
Plush toy is a toy for a lot of people like, but how to clean it, how to clean a is indeed a lot of people don't know. Sales of plush toys in the market now there are a lot of stores, but cleaning plush toys will to the dry cleaners, dry cleaners can really put the plush toys clean, clean price is very expensive, however, come down for a long time, the cost of cleaning high than to buy new plush toys, it is not cost-effective. So, how to cleaning at home? Now, I show you how plush toys to wash. To say all cleaning plush toys, we want to say first the plush toy production process. Plush toys can be divided into many types, some is electric toy, then its cleaning need to avoid the power switch, need the plush part can tear open come down to the water to wash. Without installing power of plush dolls cleaning is simple, as long as carried out in accordance with the normal cleaning process cleaning, clean detergent swings. It is important to note that in the washing our plush plush toys, must choose the sun is shining, the weather is warmer when cleaning, because this time, the weather is very warm, is advantageous to the plush toy water evaporation, is advantageous to the plush toy sterilization, will sweet sweet, after washing to dry it smells good. In addition, how long does it take to plush toys for a cleaning? This is need to vary from person to person, most of the time, do not often use, packing up the plush toy is not need to wash, just for the sun, and often use of plush toys, especially children's doll, regular cleaning will be needed.
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