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Teach people choose educational children plush toys

by:YouRun     2020-11-01

the world can not live without children toy company, common kids like to all kinds of educational function, plush toys, children's fuzzy, cute and comfortable. But need to pay attention to when select material, unsafe, plush toys, gadgets will harm and so on, the plush toy brands to introduce how to select children educational toys and plush toys.

a: how to choose the educational children plush toys?

1: through security certification

in order to ensure safety, select plush toys should choose to have 3 c authentication of plush toys. To be on the safe side, you can select or plush toy brands in a big supermarket flagship store to buy educational toys for children, and, when necessary, pay attention to properly keep the invoices, if any quality problem or other problems can maintain their own rights and interests.

2: look at the outer package of plush toys

the outer packing of plush toys, toy manufacturers will have a formal standardization of identity, such as manufacturers or 3 c logo, product name, we should pay special attention to when choosing and buying these marks.

3: check the educational toys widget

there are a lot of educational toys, children's toys is not for everyone. Parents should avoid buying toys have holes or have moving parts, and buy metal toys or edges of plastic toys, we should first check whether the toy surface is smooth, if it is plastic toys, check what toys do you have any sharp burr. If it is a plush toys, and see if it is easy to shrink and stinking problems, material environmental safety is very important.

4: to observe the toy look

when they select plush toys should avoid as far as possible to purchase the following types of toys: flash, all sorts of small parts, sharp corners, etc. All of which may be a threat to the safety of the children, so parents should carefully observe the appearance of the toy.

the above is to teach everyone to choose the method of plush toys and some problems, but there is another very important is whether the material of toys safe environmental protection, because will contact and the child's skin directly, be sure to select the green environmental protection safety of plush toys, if they are educational toys, the toy of the education function and voice function must be perfect, give the child a happier and more meaningful childhood. Educational toys, children's toys, plush toys, cartoon toys, all kinds of mascot, toys, customization, optimizing toy brands, waiting for you to come to the 20th anniversary of the activity.

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