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Such a plush toy will be more suitable for your baby

by:YouRun     2021-03-13

We often receive some questions, asking parents how to buy plush plush toys for their children, what issues should be considered when buying plush toys, and what kind of plush toys are suitable for their children. If you are still worrying about such a problem, then the content we are about to bring today should be exactly what you want! Such plush toys will be more suitable for your baby! 1. Considering age Strictly speaking, plush toys are suitable for all ages, but different plush toys are also suitable for children of different ages. Generally speaking, children aged 0-2, because their minds are not particularly mature, their ability to recognize the outside world will also be relatively poor. Therefore, when buying plush toys for children of this age, parents should choose some shapes. The color is more prominent, and the color is more prominent. It is suggested that parents can choose red, yellow or colorful toys. This bright color will more easily attract the attention of children. Children aged 3-6 can choose more realistic images, such as cartoon ones, in order to help them develop recognition skills. As for children over 6 years old, they are more suitable for visualization. For example, girls are more suitable for character images, wearing skirts, or with bows, which helps them to distinguish between genders. 2. Consider the workmanship of plush toys from the perspective of workmanship. It refers to not only the appearance, but also the stitching process. For example, we need to pull the fluff on the plush toy to see if it is easy to fall off. , Pull the buttons, hairpins, and eyes on the plush toy to see if they are easy to fall off. You must know that these hard and sharp objects can easily hurt your baby. 3. From the perspective of filling considerations, in addition to sharp objects that can harm the baby, there are some things that will also cause harm to the baby invisibly, such as the black cotton used by unscrupulous businesses! If these inherently hazardous fillers are brought to the baby, if things go on like this, it will endanger the baby's health! Therefore, parents must pay attention to the internal filling when choosing plush toys. Generally speaking, PP cotton and hollow PP cotton are better.

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