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Stick to quality of plush toys for children happy growth 'insurance'

by:YouRun     2020-11-07

since 2018, the world set off a huge the plastic boom, and in the near future, the impact of the global ban plastic also spread to the toy manufacturing industry. The three big toy giant also began to take the relevant action - — Hasbro has announced to stop using the plastic packaging. Zuru CEO proposal to impose high tax plastic toys, lego is planning to launch the leasing plan. 。 。 。 。 。

included, plastic toy brands is used when there are more and more toy brands to join 'lent' boom, the toy industry or will be faced with new challenges. However, challenges and opportunities coexist, plush toys business or will usher in new opportunities for it!

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as a high-profile toy manufacturers in the plush toy industry, the relevant person in charge of the guangdong toy co. , LTD. , said plastic used in the plastic toys are mostly contains some harmful ingredients, even if they are in the name of 'security plastic', but actually contain a lot of toxic ingredients, some even are overweight. This is not only easy to bring certain pollution to the environment, and for those who are young, don't understand, like to smell or bite toys children health effects is very big. Therefore, advice, give children choosing toys, try to choose good product quality, through the certification of plush toys, reduce the risk of child inhaling harmful ingredients, is the escort of children healthy and happy.

know 'plastic toy' may harm to the child, so adhering to the 'high-quality, environmental protection, safety, smart' tenet, always focus on do plush toys, products all adopt the special wool cloth with soft nap, export grade pp cotton 'security environmental protection such as raw materials, to ensure the production of each plush toys are of good quality, won't cause any harm to children.

related chief also said, now the toy market competition is intense, the development of domestic toy industry in the years of vicious competition of inferior quality and cheap, a lot of toys enterprises to sacrifice quality for price, but the toy will always stick to 'let a generation laugh' beginner's mind, maintain a high quality of plush toys products, leading technology, the use of high-end brands, to cope with competition, to win from it.

( - Part of the honorary certificate)

has been focused on the plush electric smart toys, cultural industry is a set of intelligent plush toys design, development, production and sales for the integration of large and medium-sized enterprises, is the domestic few real smart plush toys enterprises, with independent brands to the recreation, leading products of science and technology advantages, to provide clients with customized toys, brand joined, animation authorization, competition and cooperation, plan design, etc. Relying on quality and integrity, not only for 'the eleventh year of continuous keep the contract heavy credit enterprise of guangdong province' the certificate of honor, also won the China famous brand, national high-tech enterprise, excellent independent brands, quality trustworthy unit of many enterprises honor.

the spread of the huge 'lent' boom, not only the protection of ecological environment in the new round, but a wash dish of toy industry, only by insisting on the toy product quality, to survive in the fierce competition environment, believe that lead the healthy development of plush toys, the impact of 'forbidden model' of toys in the environment, is expected to usher in a new development opportunity.

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