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Soft plush toys are popular in the market

by:YouRun     2020-11-14
Childhood plush dolls after 80 is still a new thing, and in the eyes of after 00, cartoon figures is not the latest version is not for kids. So, what's the most popular toys on the market now? Let's take a look at the distribution center which toys toy is the most popular? Soft plush toys collection and distribution center of guangdong in China, every day in the processing and production to be sold to all over the world all kinds of plush toys, the toy can be roughly divided into several classes, one kind is the plush plush toys, one kind is food-grade plastic toys, there is a simulation mould toys is the heavy metals. Don't look at the toy is small in size, but that every toy before put into production are sophisticated market research to production and processing, so to speak, what kind of plush toys popular, what types of plush toys how wash, is the focus of the research, only after discussion with all these problems, to production, the toys in the process of production and processing through the hundreds of procedures to measure and polished, finally get the kid's hands. This is why China's guangdong area toys processing enterprises to gain a foothold in the world. Now, the quality guaranteed toy manufacturers are moving in the high-end market aim, under a bigger goal is high quality stuffed toys custom processing of supplied parts.
An increasing dependence on the use of OEM&ODM plush toy factory has made numerous changes in the plush toy supplier industry over the past decades.
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