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So can choose high quality plush toys

by:YouRun     2020-11-02

plush toys to denote by wool fabrics as the main material, the internal filling all kinds of filling material, made of a type of toys, also called 'soft toy' or 'plush doll', etc. The plush toys on the market is not only vivid and lovely modelling, and widely applicable people, both the children and young people can play. Select plush toy is a delicate exquisite thing, children is sensitive skin, plus a lot of baby love to use mouth bite toys, so the material of plush toy safety requirements is extremely high. It would select quality plush toys?

a, pay attention to the plush toy appearance shape to childlike innocence

for children, the appearance of the plush toy shape is also a big point of choose and buy. The children are innocent and lively, of interest, which might bring about the toys have more appeal to them. Many of optimal feather plush toys cartoon animals, animated character is given priority to, the treasure mom can choose priority.

2, pay attention to the plush toy sewing process to excellent

plush toys are usually after filling material in, and then to suture. Imagine if the poor sewing process or the fabric is broken, the inside of the filling material is easy to run out from segments, lower the quality of the toy do not say, the bigger worry is the baby could be cotton, mouth which affects health. Therefore recommends that treasure mom when the choose and buy, be sure to take a closer look at the toy parts are make complete. If conditions permit, we should use the hand gently pull, to avoid the baby ripped apart the toy in the process of playing. Optimal feather plush toy originality spirit, provide a well-made plush toys for you.

three, pay attention to the plush toys decorative objects to strong

in order to make the image of the plush toys more lifelike, a lot of plush toys will add some eyes, mouth and other decorative objects. Although this can greatly enhance the vivid image of the toy, but if decorative objects set loose, baby is easy to buckle down and throw it away or eat, there are many security hidden danger. So, treasure the mother must be carefully check on when choose decorative objects of fastness, can gently with fingers clasp, optimal feather plush toy ornaments inlaid is firm, no loose phenomenon.

4, pay attention to the toy size to fit the

size is too big or too small toys are not conducive to the baby at play, the size of the plush toys to embrace just can hold or advisable. Because size is too large, it is easy to block the baby's body movements, the size is too small, the baby and easy in his mouth, so that the mother could not ignore the treasure, toys with a variety of sizes for treasure 'choice.

to select quality of plush toys, plush toys is one of the important playmates since childhood with baby joyful growth, when choosing the treasure mom as long as according to the materials of the toy type and detail design, at the same time combining some matters needing attention of choose and buy, believe that baby can find a satisfied and suitable plush toys. To want to buy a good of plush toys, professional choice, besides should pay attention to quality of plush toy of wool cloth with soft nap, padding quality, and sewing technology and feel, there is a more important thing is to choose a big brand toys, feather plush toys in production technology, choice of materials, attention to details, design production, safety and environmental protection will consider that you can be at ease buy.

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