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Share the children's educational toys and maintenance methods

by:YouRun     2020-11-08

now with the improvement of living standard, most children's childhood life is colorful, various kinds of children's educational toys, intelligent toys, play of joy. But the problem here, make the most of the parents of a headache, is your child toys over. Don't know how to cherish, timely cleaning, maintenance, etc. , which not only affects life of toys, can also cause dirty, messy, bacteria cause disease in a child caught a cold, and so on. Today children toy manufacturers to share children's educational toys and maintenance methods.

1。 Toys of different size, different cleaning method should be adopted. If it is a small toy, before to clean, you should live with scotch tape will be easy to wear, can adopt the method of washed by hand or machine wash. But it is worth noting that if it is to use the washing machine to clean, with soft washing mode, so as not to wash toys. Finally, in order to make it soft and fluffy toys, can take toys with handle gently. If it is a large toy, before to clean, internal padding should be removed first, and then stick tape will be easy to wear. After cleaning again into the filler, and then the integer suture.

2, wooden building blocks toys with a clean cloth to wipe, do not wash with water. And regularly in the open air on the balcony bask, but does not need too long time. To flip on wooden toys, in case of some didn't get from plastic toys are easier to clean, but at the time of washing, to pull down the inside of the parts, but to ensure that the final can install him, looking at to manual.

3, if it is a plush toys products, its internal clean is especially important. If you want to on the sterilization of plush toys, then can use steam iron to iron, to make it fluffy clean non-toxic, to form the good habit of cleaning plush toys on time.

4, if you have any electronic components, is a toy inside can remove the battery before cleaning. If the toy with a waterproof function, are not out.

5, wooden toys, plush toys, if too hard to dry wash, or afraid of bad, will be in the sun for antivirus bacteria elimination, because some have no packaging bags, too many people leave a mark on it, and let the toy is not easy to dirty and prolong its life span, when buying toys to suggest, whether paper or plastic bags don't discarded for the packing long dust when the deposit.

6, humid climate, to prevent toys be affected with damp be affected with damp, can while preserving its place desiccant, stuffed toys on the save as far as possible avoid backlog, so as to avoid damage of deformation. Plush toys can most direct washed, 30 degrees Celsius temperature or cold water can be. Dry cleaning is not necessary, still perhaps can wash is broken. Generally in accordance with the method of washing the sweater washed. After washing with fabric softener bubble effect is better. ( Can use some cheap shampoo to wash, the result is right also) 。

7, some large volume of plush toys can't water wash, we can dry cleaning. The plush toys into big plastic bags, into the coarse salt ( The amount of salt can according to the size of the toy and the extent of the dirty) 。 Sealed tightly bags, rocking back and forth around up and down. Not for a while, you can see the color of the plush toy is bright. At that time, the effect of salt is not washed, but absorb the dust in the plush toys.

children's educational toys maintenance method is very useful? Parents also need to be aware that when picking electric toys, should read the instruction for use, to ensure its safety performance, and to buy at ease, qualified toys, parents should be through formal channels of purchase, such as the choice of large supermarket. Moreover also should pay attention to select normal manufacturer, especially pay attention to, be sure to look for the '3 c' logo, refused to buy 3 without the product.

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