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Share purchase and storage method to be used in early childhood toys

by:YouRun     2020-11-14

preschool education plush toys, as the name implies, is used in the kindergarten education toys, it is a kindergarten supplies a niche. Preschool education toys in use process, can effectively exercise the kid's body, brain, and all kinds of balance, coordination ability; Can effectively make the course more interesting and more effectively promote the children healthy and positive development, guarantee the teaching effect. In this paper, intelligent toy manufacturer sharing: buy used in early childhood toys and storage methods.

1, the purchase of preschool education plush toys: make sure toys with age child's characteristics, interests and skills; Try to choose to provide design and construction experience for children's toys, play to children's initiative; Instructions on the use of the toy should be clear and easy to understand and remember to read the label information, such as 'advice for children aged four', 'small parts are choking hazard' and 'wash', 'health material', etc.

2, children education toys: using regular check toys, see if there is any breakage or leakage, these conditions may be causing harm; If determine the breakage of the toys may cause damage, the teacher shall promptly repair or abandoned; For wooden toys, sharp surface should be smooth and remove debris and burr; Teachers should for outdoor toys regularly derusting, toy parts will not be dangerous for structure embrittlement.

3 children education toys, storage: the teacher will remind children plush toys on the shelf or in the toy box, prevent children toy tripping or the teacher; Regularly check the toy box in good condition, make sure the toy box does not fall break a child; Pay attention to see if the toy can have more sharp edges, avoid hinge cause harm to children's skin; Preschool education toys should be timely maintenance and back after used outdoors toy box, ensure the toy will not rust by contact with the rain.

purchase and storage method to be used in early childhood toys will share the above content, the kindergarten education is the art of playing music, playing in the middle school process, state specified kindergarten teaching task at present is mainly to play, therefore, preschool toys have preschool education in early childhood education toys pictures with massive and irreplaceable role.

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