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Russia's most like to play with the little boy's cartoon authorized need toys

by:YouRun     2020-11-11
Photo / 123 rf. com. Cn Hugo net understands from Media reported recently in the United States, South Korea Animation company SAMG Animation and its distribution in Moscow, and authorized agent partner CLS Media announced that the Animation Vroomiz ( 咘 lung family) Toy ranked Top 10 most popular with the Russian boy toy products, this is another dual electric business platform in Russia. It is concluded that the result of Market survey research institute. Vroomiz rounding out the top 10 most popular toys, and other popular toy cars, Star Wars, spider-man, RobocarPoli ( Deformation of the police car pearl lee) Chuggington ( The train baby) After Vroomiz, teenage mutant ninja turtles, Sam is cat and mouse, iron man, and firefighters. According to research shows that one of the most popular with the boys and girls in the first 10 big toy no intersection, boys like themes and robot toys, traffic and girls like dolls. Yandex. The role of the Market based on the popular statistics for 760000 different products, not including the original data ( Books, movies and video games, etc. ) 。 Most of the characters can be found in plush toys products, each of 10 kinds of toys, there is a use of character image. Vroomiz from south Korean SAMG Animation Animation studios, CLS Media is South Korea SAMG Vroomiz brand product exclusive partner in Russia and cis countries. Vroomiz animation series broadcast on Russia's main children's channel, a high ratings. ( Compile/Hugo network xiao-ling fang)
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