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Round Face Cloth Book For Babies


Round face cloth book for babies


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A baby 0-3 years old can basically be defined as "the picture book tears the little devil". Whenever a parent wants to give them a book, they will hold a series of pushes, pulls, pulls, squats and bites, family newspapers, paperbacks, and even cardboard books.


This is correct, this is the typical reading method for babies. Therefore, for this stage of the baby, we recommend a reading material that is very suitable for young children - children's cloth book.


Polyester fabric


Silk cotton


16*16cm high    16*400px






Children's cloth books are made of cotton. Cotton can print characters and patterns, and does not generate static electricity and dust like soft toys, thus reducing the baby's dust allergies. The fabric is usually filled with cotton or sponge to give the baby a soft and comfortable feel. Learn and play. Most cloth books are also equipped with dolls, rattles, BB devices, and various tactile training materials to provide the baby with the space for active sensing and detection.


After 6 months, the baby began to explore the book with tears, flips, grabs, and squats. This requires parents to choose some more interactive products. 10-month-old babies can choose from a wider range of cloth books, such as detachable built-in toys, small mirrors, vocalization and other features to increase interaction with babies. A baby over the age of 1 will say something simple and understand some concepts. Therefore, mothers can choose a style similar to the manual, not only rich in color but also interactive.



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