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Quickly understand the mascot custom's choice of fabric

by:YouRun     2020-12-21
Although nanjing youth Olympic Games held in China in 2014 has ended, but we still remember that the youth Olympic Games mascot, so what is the mascot order process? Recall that the youth Olympic Games mascots called 砳 砳, its shape like a green tablets, oval head and body a likable guy, since set it for the mascot, in nanjing street, seems it can be seen everywhere, many children also hold the same doll, how custom mascot is out? Actually, mascot custom without plush toy manufacturer, because most of the mascots are on the market sell cotton. So when manufacturers need to pay attention to choose the fabric, but also to dye ChengGangGang good color, batch production, it is difficult, but the advantage is reflected in the market economy, no matter how the number of custom, more demanding, and won't befuddled plush plush toys factory, so the important link of the mascot custom is sent to the factory customized! , of course, the ordinary mascot in the factory custom doll order process and consumers still have certain difference, first in terms of design, the image of the mascot have been confirmed, just on action expression or look a little difference, while the custom doll can be made according to the needs of the consumers come out.
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