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Provincial export toy quality demonstration zone in longgang

by:YouRun     2020-11-18
Shenzhen, shenzhen news network news yesterday morning, the first provincial export toy product quality and safety during the opening ceremony was held in longgang district, 38 toy enterprise becomes the first demonstration area of shenzhen. The reporter learns at the meeting, create export toy product quality and safety demonstration area is longgang district implementation & other; Strong quality area & throughout; Strategy, promote & other; Shenzhen quality & throughout; 、“ Shenzhen standard & throughout; Construction, and guide the toy companies to the industry value chain extension on both ends of the smiling curve, longgang toy industry core competitiveness and brand influence, the important measures to promote transformation and upgrading of traditional superior industry. The establishment of export toy product quality and safety demonstration area of longgang toy industry development has a positive role in promoting. Longgang district will earnestly implement demonstration area construction plan, and take effective measures, intensify support, establish and improve the products quality and safety standard system, efforts to enhance the core competition of the toy industry and brand influence, promote transformation and upgrading of the toy industry. Toy industry is a traditional advantage industry of longgang. After years of development, longgang has become a collection of technical research and development, production scale, product sales, logistics and distribution in the integration of the national advanced toy design, production and manufacturing base, the formation of the toy industry cluster with international competitiveness. At present, the longgang plush toys have & other; Longgang manufacturing & throughout; To & other; Longgang smart & throughout; Shift, toy exports for many years in shenzhen district first, accounting for about fifty percent total shenzhen toy exports, products exported to the United States, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions. In the opening ceremony, said it would create unit in national demonstration zone for benchmarking, continue to customs regulation, brand construction, public service platform, aspects and so on foreign technical trade measures to cope with the increasing efforts, facilitate the export of longgang toy product quality and safety demonstration zone for new development.
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