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Private custom plush toys and how much will it cost?

by:YouRun     2020-10-29

plush toys can be found everywhere in our life, such as gift giving, creative collection, home decoration, decoration in the car, on their desks for table setting, accompany children play, etc. , so effect of plush toys such as according to your own personalized needs is more interesting? So private custom plush toys and how much will it cost? Need to pay attention to what?

private custom plush toys need to pay attention to what? Generally we have their own requirements for toys, no matter in material selection and process has different requirements on the appearance, in order to timely communication with the planning and production staff, creating fit ego needs of plush toys products.

custom plush toy, the first to select good plush toys manufacturers. Fruit on the market at present, although there are a lot of plush toys manufacturers, but from its own production planning and equipment conditions, the production technology and strength, in the selection of time is still have different requirements. To keep self planning and conditions of manufacturer, whether to fit production processing specification, see its supply of quality of plush toys, is guaranteed, and can choose the suitable toys products.

private custom plush toys and how much will it cost? custom plush toys price mainly depends on the following two points:

1, the order of the batch and plush toys specifications, the quantity is large, custom price usually cheap. Toy factory plush dolls custom can handle hundreds of thousands or even more big order.

2, whether to need special production, as well as the choice of fabric

your project budget will depend on your fabric selection and some special production, such as character design and model complexity, the size of the toy, choose the fabric, as well as some details ( Embroidery, printing, plastic parts, etc. ) Problem, finally is labels and packaging should be considered in it. General need special made the price will be little expensive, but the large amount of manufacturers also can give you discount.

private custom plush toys and how much will it cost? Need to pay attention to what? Is the main problem to design according to the budget, toy manufacturers like to budget for the customer provide the appropriate specifications, without sacrificing quality and super soft fabric. Can choose custom fabrics have super soft velvet, nylon cloth, terry cloth, PV plush, coral velvet, South Korea wool, wool, etc. , all materials are environmentally friendly.

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