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Preventing plush toys from deforming starts from cleaning

by:YouRun     2021-03-11
Soft, silky, and elastic are the reasons why plush toys are liked by so many people. However, because of the raw materials of plush toys, if you play for a long time, there are many dirty things hidden in the plush toys, such as mites and bacteria, which are harmful to our health. Therefore, the plush toys must be cleaned regularly. Some Plush toy enthusiasts will worry that if the plush toy is washed too much, it will be deformed. Don't be afraid, the plush toy manufacturer will teach you the correct cleaning points to prevent the deformation of the plush toy. Plush toy manufacturers pay attention to one point: adjust the water temperature. In fact, plush toys are best washed with warm water, because warm water will not damage the softness of the plush plush toys. Generally, the water temperature can be controlled at 30 or 40 degrees. If it is really hot in the summer, there is no need to add boiling water. The water directly coming out of the faucet can be slightly warmer, and sometimes it may even be cooled. The plush toy manufacturer pays attention to two points: wash the plush toys of dark and light colors separately. If there are multiple plush toys, then when cleaning, you need to wash the different colors separately. They cannot be mixed together for cleaning. Once the color fades, light-colored plush toys will be unsightly dyed with dark ones. Plush toy manufacturers Note 3: When cleaning plush toys with neutral detergents, it is best to use neutral detergents. It does little harm to plush toys and will not cause hair loss or color fading. Do not use bleach or high-concentration disinfectants. The amount of detergent added should also be appropriate, according to the instructions on the reasonable addition. In addition, you can also use coarse salt to wash plush toys, but pay attention to the appropriate amount. Note four for plush toy manufacturers: Do not use too much force When washing plush toys by hand, do not use too much force to grasp, pinch, knead, rub, etc., to avoid damaging the plush toys or causing hair loss. You should choose whether to use force according to the texture of the plush toy. If the fluff is long, use less force. If the fluff is short or without fluff, you can rub it slightly. Note 5 for plush toy manufacturers: Choose the right cleaning tool. Because plush toys are soft in texture, ordinary brushes cannot be used casually, and special plush toy soft brushes must be used. Note 6 for plush toy manufacturers: soak the detergent first and then soak the plush toy. Before washing, add the detergent to the water. After the detergent is fully dissolved, put the plush toy soak for about 30 minutes. The soaking process needs to turn the plush toy intermittently in order to fully soak. This will make it easier to wash plush toys. Note 7 for plush toy manufacturers: Use the washing machine carefully. Although the washing machine is labor-saving, the high-speed rotation of the washing machine can easily damage the plush toy. It is recommended that if the plush toy is not very dirty, wash it by hand. If you really want to use the washing machine, you must Choose gentle. At the same time, it is best to put the plush toy in a laundry bag or pillowcase. Note 8 for plush toy manufacturers: do a good job of dehydrating and drying plush toys are not easy to dry, it is best to use a washing machine for dehydration. Wrap the cleaned plush toys with bath towels, put them in the washing machine and choose gentle dehydration. After the dehydrated plush toys are reshaped and combed, they are placed in a ventilated place to dry. It is best not to expose to the sun, as it will easily change color.
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