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Plush toys will have an impact on child health?

by:YouRun     2020-10-31

plush toys are every child likes toys, in order to meet the demand of many aspects of children growth and fun, so plush toys custom service is very popular now. Although custom plush toys children would prefer, but the product quality, standard, qualified, or need to pay attention to in the first problem, the plush toy brands will introduce you to inferior the security risks of plush toys will be.

a: the security risks of inferior plush toys?

1: easy cause skin disease

some plush toys is 3 without the product, plush toy is full of black cotton, contains formaldehyde or other toxic and harmful substances. Children after contact easily shed tears, cough and erythema, serious will also cause skin diseases and other problems that need attention, plush toys to choose normal manufacturer, brand independent production of plush toys, choose the qualified materials are safe environmental protection, quality guaranteed.

2: allergic problems such as

some inferior surface of wool cloth with soft nap is electric toy of wool cloth with soft nap is easy to hide, dust, bacteria and formaldehyde in children's play and contact allergy can cause children, cause diarrhoea, lung infection and other health problems. When choosing plush toys, can open the packaging and see if there is a pungent odor, officially qualified plush toys has no special odor, check the plush toys inside filler, to determine whether the packing safety, ensure no bad stuff, can choose the easy cleaning of plush toys, timely cleaning and disinfection, before the baby play with the rest assured.

3: bacterial infection

plush toys are children textile toys have direct contact with the skin, the surface of wool cloth with soft nap is vulnerable to bacteria, dust and formaldehyde pollution and adsorption. Children at play and contact may cause allergies and bacterial infection, harmful to health, may cause respiratory tract inflammation, and dermatitis, parents must pay attention to, choose high quality material in the production of plush toys, cleaning and disinfection treatment in time, to ensure safety.

plush toys itself is to the child development of the brain, exercise and flexible very good toy, but inferior plush toys due to material and production problems, will affect the child's body and health, everybody when choosing plush toys, be sure to select the environmental protection, green, safe, guaranteed, the products of the big brand plush toy company, also to clean and disinfect at ordinary times, so that when their children are in the use of soft toys can rest assured.

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