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Plush toys wholesale and how to choose

by:YouRun     2020-11-04
Along with the development of the modern economic society, people's standard of living is higher and higher, plush toys made of consumption has become one of them. Plush toys have not the privilege of children, but a wide range of practical more people, also is a combination of the use function of life associated with people. Soft plush toys and people's understanding of fashion trends, clean her as a gift to friends, make life added a lot of fun. For plush toys wholesale, select plush toys will be cautious. Choose good quality plush plush toys first to knead a pinch padding inside, inside the material quality is also very important. Elasticity, such as toys and materials are evenly distributed, these are all can feel out of touch. The second is from the outside. Drag and pull material will see thread, or wool phenomenon, so this kind of fabric is not good, is to pay attention to the wholesale. Surface material of the handle directly affect people's purchase desire, and soft fabric cost is also different, a price a points goods. Finally from the modelling. custom plush toys fine workmanship of the plush toys give a person a kind of cute, like the feeling, the products will not give a person the feeling of poor, overall modelling is the spirit of a plush toy, the size of the overall proportion, movement is the place where need to pay attention to. Plush toys, especially children, more need to pay attention to the quality of the products sold to children.
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