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Plush toys to choose what kind of

by:YouRun     2020-11-22
Plush toys custom character plush toys is every child fondle admiringly rarity, almost everyone has a unforgettable childhood plush doll company. So, now what kind of toys do children love? What kind of is the best? Let's learn about the market. in children in daily life is indispensable. So what is a good toy? As dealers must understand a few common sense. Must first safety, accident harm has now become the top killer of threat to children's health. Some sharp, easy to scratch the child toy is never chosen, second, to health. Some toys are added in the process of making a lot of industrial material, these material mixed with formaldehyde is very adverse to the health of children, this is why so many children have to now the main reason for the blood disease, therefore, only safe, non-toxic, harmless toy is suitable for children to play with plush toys. In the area of toy safety, guangdong toy market big brand plush toys or trustworthy quality. These products of big companies, are all products passed 3 c certification, in the production process and product quality is according to the national standard production, the factory products both in export and sales have factory inspection marks, some toy is formulated in accordance with their higher corporate standards, belongs to the class in terms of plush toys produced higher product category.
Nowadays, the adoption of OEM&ODM in plush toy supplier industry is quite common.
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