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Plush toys to choose to rest assured

by:YouRun     2020-11-04

plush toys on the market is really more numerous, various color, various style, various kinds of materials in the production of plush toys in the market to make people more options at the same time, also have a concern, plush toys for children to play, if the quality is bad, not environmental protection, it is unqualified toys, affect the body of children will be. The plush toy brands teach everyone how to choose the suitable plush toys.

a: plush toys should choose

1:3 - 6 years old children's toys so choose

3 - 6-year-old children like toys more real, but should pay more attention to take children to watch more real animals, to avoid confusion in the understanding, more than 6 years old children can choose according to gender plush toys for children.

2: plush toys packaging information

to toy store to buy, in professional plush toys should have instructions, instructions are usually in the form of a tag on the toy. Instructions shall include at least the product name, factory name, factory address, contact number, main materials or components, standard implementation code, suitable age range, such as security warnings.

3: look at the joint

seams of plush toys should be strong, inner packing seams should not show.

4-2 at the age of children's toys so choose

a 2 year old child will like toy animals exaggerated shapes and bright colors, choose soft and well-made plush toys.

5: according to the quality of fabric and sewing choose

pure wool fabric price is high, inspects the quality of fabric, can along the villi of natural cover along the reverse the direction of the touch force. Good quality toys, plush should not wool cloth with soft nap, no insects, not easy to mildew, no fade.

6: look at the toy parts

see cartoon plush toys on the eyes, nose, mouth, such as bell widget should be strong, strong, sharp edges, burrs, children's play is not easy to fall off.

7: see feel

good plush toys filled should be sufficient, feel soft, elastic, and there is no smell.

to want to buy a good of plush toys, have professional choice, besides should pay attention to quality of plush toy of wool cloth with soft nap, padding quality, and sewing technology and handle, there is a more important thing is to choose a big brand toys, so the production technology, choice of materials, attention to details, design production, safety and environmental protection will be given, plush toys the 20th anniversary of the activity, free gift of plush toys, come and consultation.

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