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Plush toys that maintenance is correct

by:YouRun     2020-11-03

how can plush toys maintenance to use for a long time? Many parents don't think for a plush toy, durable, is not here where is breaking, or broken, and so on all sorts of problems, the plush toy brands will introduce you to some maintenance methods of plush toys, so that maintenance of plush toys will be durable.

a: plush toys need maintenance

1: the cleaning and disinfection of the internal

plush toys internal cleanliness is very important, if you want to to plush toys villi disinfected, can use steam iron, can make plush toy of wool cloth with soft nap clean sanitation, to keep the habit of cleaning plush toys on time.

2: choose the appropriate water temperature cleaning

many high-end plush toys need warm water cleaning, will not damage the moist, soft and plush toys. In general, the water temperature can be controlled within 30 or 40 degrees. But in the hot summer, there is no need to go to burn hot water, can use a basin to bask in the sun water to wash the plush toys.

3: different plush toys washed apart

when cleaning plush toys, cleaning brunet with light color of plush toys, respectively. Don't put them together, because once the dyeing, plush toys will become very ugly. If it is a small toy, can use washed by hand or washing machine to clean. If you use the washing machine to clean, you may need to use the soft washing mode to clean. In order to make the soft and fluffy toys, you can use your hand slapping plush toys for decontamination.

if it is the larger plush toys, please remove the internal filling, before clean dry processing after cleaning, and then stuffed with cotton internal use.

4: plush toys and sun sterilization

plush toys should be in the sun after cleaning disinfection sterilization, because there are no bags, too many people leave a mark on it, the toy is easy to dirty. Buy plush toys, both in the cartons and plastic bags should be discarded.

6: keep dry and plush toys

in humid areas, in order to prevent damp plush toys, can be placed during save desiccant, plush toys can be stored up, to avoid the accumulation and damage.

the above is the commonly used maintenance method of plush toys, we must pay attention to, keep clean and dry, plush toys regularly to disinfect operation, so it can avoid cause a bacterium plush toys, short plush toys must choose professional brands, the 20th anniversary of the establishment of intelligent toy brand activities have presented a plush toys, electric toys, educational toys, contact customer service to receive quickly, high quality, green environmental protection safe plush toys, preferred brand.

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